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Michael E. Williams Sr.

Michael E. Williams, Sr. is professor of History at Dallas Baptist University. He is the coeditor of TURNING POINTS IN BAPTIST HISTORY published by Mercer University Press (2008) and author of I. T. TICHENOR AND THE CREATION OF THE BAPTIST NEW SOUTH published by the University of Alabama Press (2005).

Books by Michael E. Williams Sr.

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Presidential Praise: Our Presidents And Their Hymns
By author: C. Edward Spann   Edited by: Michael E. Williams Sr.
Product Code: H763
ISBN: 9780881461176
Product Format: Hardback
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The most comprehensive coverage ever written of the influence of hymns on the lives and administrations of America's presidents. Each chapter begins with a concise presentation of each president's path to the White House and his accomplishments and failures as president, then how each president regarded music, whether or not he was musical, and music in the White House during each president's administration. These hymns may be related to developments in the life of the president including his spiritual journey, major decisions he had to make as president, or even his selection of the inaugural Scripture.
Turning Points in Baptist History: A Festschrift in Honor of Harry Leon McBeth
Edited by: Michael E. Williams Sr., Walter B Shurden
Product Code: P430
ISBN: 9780881462449
Product Format: Paperback
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Taking significant events in Baptist history, the writers tell the amazing Baptist story of the voluntary approach to the Christian faith in popluar, nontechnical but appealing ways. The intentionally brief chapters are, for the most part, void of heavy, historical notes. Designed as an introductory study for students, laity, and parish ministers, more advanced students will also benefit from a close reading of this text.
Witnesses to the Baptist Heritage: Thirty Baptists Every Christian Should Know
Edited by: Michael E. Williams Sr.
Product Code: P519
ISBN: 9780881465488
Product Format: Hardback
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Baptists lack a single central figure in their origins that Lutherans, Reformed, Presbyterians, and Methodists have with Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, and John Wesley. Additionally, Baptists focus so heavily on the Bible for authority and key beliefs or practices like religious liberty, social justice, missions, and preaching that sometimes Baptists and other Christians forget the significant role that people play in forging and promoting those ideas and practices. This book seeks to address this shortcoming by providing an introductory text of Baptist biographies.