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JoAnn Ford Watson

JoAnn Ford Watson is the H. R. Gill Family Professor of Theology at Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio. She received her PhD degree from Northwestern University. Watson is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, USA with various pastoral experience. She has worked with Mother Teresa's order, the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India.

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Selected Spiritual Writings of Anne Dutton: Eighteenth-Century, British-Baptist, Woman Theologian: Volume 7: Words of Grace
By author: JoAnn Ford Watson
Product Code: H889
ISBN: 9780881464986
Product Format: Hardback
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Volume 7: Words of Grace is the last volume of letters rounding out Anne Dutton's correspondence as a significant spiritual writer and encourager of revival and growth in holiness. Particularly important is the precious treasure of her seventeen letters sent to the Rev. George Whitefield and his friends and acquaintances in 1745 to encourage his work and ministry in England and in the colonies, as well as his orphanage in Bethesda. Also included are two additional 1745 letters—one on the being and working of sin and the other on the duty and privilege of a believer—sent to Whitefield's Society at the Tabernacle in London. Three collections of Dutton's letters—Volumes I (1740), IV (1746), and VIII (1750)—on spiritual subjects addressed to relations and friends also appear in this volume. These letters show her to be a spiritual director, guide, and voice of holiness in evangelical revival in England in the eighteenth century.
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