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Fred W. Sauceman

Fred W. Sauceman celebrates the foodways and culture of his native Appalachia through books, magazine articles, newspaper columns, radio, television, and documentary films. His home base is the campus of East Tennessee State University in Johnson City.

Books by Fred W. Sauceman

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Buttermilk and Bible Burgers: More Stories from the Kitchens of Appalachia
By author: Fred W. Sauceman
Product Code: P481
ISBN: 9780881464795
Product Format: Paperback
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In his latest collection of writings about the foodways of the Appalachian region, Fred W. Sauceman guides readers through country kitchens and church fellowship halls, across pasture fields and into smokehouses, down rows of vegetable gardens at the peak of the season and alongside ponds resonant with the sounds of a summer night. The scenes and subjects are oftentimes uniquely personal, and they combine to tell a love story, a chronicle of one person’s affection for a region and its people, its products, and its places. BUTTERMILK AND BIBLE BURGERS is most of all an expression of gratitude for the persistence of the people who feed us.
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