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Megan Sexton

Megan Sexton was born in New York and grew up on the Florida Gulf coast. Her poetry and nonfiction have been widely published in anthologies and journals, including Poetry, Ploughshares, The Southern Review, The Literary Review, as well as others. She is coeditor of Five Points and teaches at Georgia State University. Sexton plays drums for the Skylarks and lives in Decatur, Georgia.

Books by Megan Sexton

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Swift Hour: Poems
By author: Megan Sexton
Product Code: P478
ISBN: 9780881464696
Product Format: Paperback
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Swift Hour opens with an epigraph from a Leonard Cohen song, “I hope you’re keeping some kind of record.” Like Cohen, Sexton is looking for the crack in everything that lets the light in, but even more urgent is the recording of these moments. Life is quickly passing, but along the way, relics are harvested for safekeeping. Her work reminds us how in some ways myth and knowledge itself help us to navigate through the shadows toward the light.