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I Am a Part of All that I Have Met: The Memoirs of Burke Nicholson of Balvenie
By author: H. Burke Nicholson Jr.   With: Mary Juliet Nicholson
Product Code: H878
ISBN: 9780881464719
Product Format: Hardback
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Burke Nicholson was many things: Son of the South. Golfer. Scottish Baron. World traveller. Philanthropist. Husband. Father. However, he played one role that defined him more and informed the other aspects of his life differently than all of the others: visionary Coca-Cola executive. The chronicle of his life is in large part a firsthand account of Coca-Cola’s development into and emergence as the globally recognized brand it is today as he experienced it as one of the pioneers on the international side of the business. The history of Coca-Cola cannot be told without him, just as his life cannot be recounted without the soft drink. The two are profoundly intertwined.