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Sam Pickering

Sam Pickering grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. After attending Sewanee, Cambridge, and Princeton, he started teaching English, a happy career that enabled him to roam distant countries and nearby libraries. He has spent sixty-six years in classrooms beginning with kindergarten and has written more than twenty-five books. He is a member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers.

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The Splendour Falls
By author: Sam Pickering
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Alexander Smith stated that a good essayist needed “an ability to discern the infinite suggestiveness of common things.” Arthur Benson seconded the idea, saying an essayist needed a “far-ranging curiosity.” For three decades Sam Pickering has written essays, his words rolling in a fine frenzy over ordinary life discovering the marvelous and the absurd. His curiosity ranges, but it also rumpuses and rollicks. He wanders the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, rural Connecticut, farmland in Nova Scotia, and islands in the sun. Strangers tell him their life stories—tales that are almost as odd as the fictional characters he meets. He runs half-marathons and wins prizes, but finishes so late in the day that he misses award ceremonies. His good friend David tells him, “Sam, if you weren’t so damn smart, you would have been a great success.” Add smiles and laughter, a smidgen of melancholy, and a pinch or two of happy lies, and you have Pickering the essayist.
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