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Vladimir Volkoff

Vladimir Volkoff (1932-2005) was born in Paris, the son of White Russian émigrés. He was a member of the faculty of Agnes Scott College and taught creative writing at Mercer University. Holder of a doctoral degree from the Université de Liège, he was an intelligence officer in the French army during the Algerian War. Known primarily for his espionage fiction, he was a prolific writer who also published essays, poems, plays, biographies, science fiction, and the wildly popular LIEUTENANT X spy novels for youth. He was made a chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur and won many literary prizes, including the Grand Prix du Roman, awarded by the French Academy.

Books by Vladimir Volkoff

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The Pope’s Guest
By author: Vladimir Volkoff, Vladimir Volkoff   Translated by: John Marson Dunaway, John Marson Dunaway
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ISBN: 9780881464535
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Ilya is the uncouth, uneducated son of ardent Communist workers who becomes a war hero in the Red Army. After the war, however, he experiences a radical conversion to Christianity and becomes a priest, but also eventually a KGB general and Metropolitan of Leningrad. Captivated by the prophecy of Russia’s return to Christianity contained in the appearance of the Virgin Mary to a few simple shepherds in Portugal, Ilya decides he must make overtures to the new pontiff in an effort toward ecumenical collaboration that will facilitate the fulfillment of the prophecy. When he leaves for Rome, his KGB superiors plot to have him assassinated, and the Mafia contacts involved also plot the assassination of John Paul. Dostoevsky meets Le Carré in this rich tapestry of intrigue, betrayal, heroism, and faith.