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Pamela Chase Hain

Pamela Chase Hain lives in Virginia. She received a BA from Syracuse University and an MA from Columbia University. Upon graduation, she was employed as an intelligence analyst by the Central Intelligence Agency. She authored A Confederate Chronicle: The Life of a Civil War Survivor (University of Missouri Press, 2005).

Books by Pamela Chase Hain

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Murder in the State Capitol: The Biography of Lt. Col. Robert Augustus Alston (1832-1879)
By author: Pamela Chase Hain
Product Code: H865
ISBN: 9780881464306
Product Format: Hardback
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Follow the transformation of Robert Augustus Alston from a nineteenth-century slave owner and white supremacist to crusader for reform in the treatment of mostly black convicts in post-war Georgia. In his own words, Alston went to war to defend his ownership of slaves. During the Civil War, Alston served under General John Hunt Morgan initially as his adjutant and later in command of a brigade. In 1864, his strong sense of honor caused him to become disillusioned by the robberies and depredations of Morgan’s troops and he reported Morgan to authorities for not investigating them.