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William E. Hull

William E. Hull is research professor at Samford University and theologian in residence at Mountain Brook Baptist Church, both in the suburbs of his birthplace, Birmingham, Alabama. Prior to these positions, Hull pursued dual careers in the church and the academy. Pastor of four congregations for twenty years, he has preached continuously in a wide variety of denominational and ecumenical settings. A professor of New Testament Interpretation for twenty years, he also served as provost at Samford University and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The author of twelve books and contributor to twenty-four others, Hull has lectured widely on college and seminary campuses in addition to being deeply involved as a civic advocate in the cities where he has worked.

Books by William E. Hull

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Beyond the Barriers: Overcoming Hostility in the Church
By author: William E. Hull
Product Code: H848
ISBN: 9780881463828
Product Format: Hardback
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We live in a fractured world. Deep cleavages divide into competing camps those who could helpfully enrich and balance each other. As hostilities deepen, collaboration becomes impossible. Impasses develop that thwart any hope of progress. We lament destructive polarization in the political process, but the same kind of fragmentation has compromised the unity of most Christian denominations. When a rupture occurs, each side spends more time and energy attacking the other side than they do combating the true enemies of the faith.