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Marie J. Amerson

Marie J. Amerson married into the Len Berg’s Restaurant family in 1979. She was a teacher by profession, but Marie also spent summer lunches and evening dinners honing her skills as “official taster” for the restaurant operated by her husband Jerry and his father. Now semi-retired, Marie lives near Macon, Georgia, where she and Jerry watch birds and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Books by Marie J. Amerson

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Remembering Len Berg's Restaurant
By author: Marie J. Amerson
Product Code: P452
ISBN: 9780881463873
Product Format: Paperback
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Len Berg’s Restaurant was an institution in Macon, Georgia, for almost a century. In later years, when owner Jeff Amerson ordered the annual billboard that simply said, “H.M.F.P.I.C. You Know Where,” customers knew. They knew where to find “home made fresh peach ice cream” on June 1. Throughout the year, they knew where to find black-eyed peas, salmon croquettes, turnip greens, cornbread, lemon meringue pie, and more. They knew where to find classic Southern food that was good for the soul. Thirty beloved recipes appear in this text, but Remembering Len Berg’s Restaurant is more about the place and about the people who kept the establishment a favorite destination for good food for almost 100 years.