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Andrew Derr

Andrew Derr is Vanderbilt University’s 1992 recipient of the Fred Russell- Grantland Rice TRA Sportswriting Scholarship. A part-time freelance journalist since graduating in 1996, he lives in Maryland with his wife, Molly, and four children, Michael, Hannah, Isabella, and Lukas. His full-time career is with Deloitte Consulting.

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Life of Dreams: The Good Times of Sportswriter Fred Russell
By author: Andrew Derr
Product Code: H841
ISBN: 9780881462784
Product Format: Hardback
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Life of Dreams is the first complete biography of Fred McFerrin Russell, one of the all-time stars in sports journalism. This biography details how the Vanderbilt man started with the Nashville Banner in the late 1920s, ascended to Sports Editor and remained with this paper loyally for sixty-nine years. Russell built long-lasting relationships with coaches, players, and other writers in the business, and he wrote with a style that reflected his personality: fair, informative, and always with a sense of humor. He was a storyteller, whether it was athletes such as Bobby Jones or Red Grange; or coaches such as Red Sanders or Paul “Bear” Bryant, one of his closest friends. Outliving almost all of his contemporaries, Russell rubbed elbows with some of the greats of the twentieth century, with men such as Sparky Anderson, George Steinbrenner, Archie Manning, Vince Dooley, and Lou Holtz.