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Seaborn Jones

Seaborn Jones of Lizella, Georgia, has published three chapbooks and two full-length books, Drowning from the Inside Out and Lost Keys. His work has appeared in the New York Quarterly, River Styx, and Southern Poetry Review. Honors include the Georgia Author of the Year Award in poetry, the Violet Reed Haas Poetry award, and selection as a Bread Loaf scholar. A former Marine, he was a lighting director for Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make-believe, is a certified zoo curator, and has taught poetry in Macon and San Francisco.

Books by Seaborn Jones

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Going Farther into the Woods than the Woods Go
By author: Seaborn Jones
Product Code: P443
ISBN: 9780881462722
Product Format: Paperback
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Going Farther into the Woods than the Woods Go opens with the poet speaking from an interior landscape in which life is going too fast and he is lonely and isolated from himself and others. Life is brutal, and the speaker finds himself constantly questioning his self-worth, yet in a surrealistic, witty fashion perhaps best described as black humor.