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Gerald L. Borchert

Gerald L. Borchert (senior professor at Carson Newman and thesis director at the Institute for Worship Studies) was a Canadian lawyer who holds a Princeton PhD in New Testament and did post-doctoral work in Jerusalem, Cambridge, Hamburg, Duke, and Boston. He has taught in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe and been dean of two American seminaries. A translator for the New Living Translation, he has penned 150 articles and a score of books including commentaries on John, Galatians, Revelation, and Thessalonians and Worship in the New Testament.

Books by Gerald L. Borchert

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Jesus of Nazareth: Background, Witnesses, and Significance
By author: Gerald L. Borchert
Product Code: P438
ISBN: 9780881462661
Product Format: Paperback
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Jesus of Nazareth is a comprehensive introduction to Jesus and the gospels for college and seminary students. The book begins with discussions on communications and patterns of reading the Bible and ends with implications of the study in terms of both doubt and belief. Written with clarity and erudition, this accessible introduction reflects a lifetime of both classroom and church experience in teaching the Gospels.