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K Scott Culpepper

K. Scott Culpepper currently serves as assistant professor of History at Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana. He received his education from Baylor University (Ph.D.), Northwestern State University (M.A.), New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and Louisiana College (B.A.).

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Francis Johnson and the English Separatist Influence
By author: K Scott Culpepper
Product Code: P426
ISBN: 9780881462388
Product Format: Paperback
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Francis Johnson and the English Separatist Influence is the first thorough treatment of Francis Johnson as the central focus of an academic work. Francis Johnson’s quest to create a perfectly ordered, scriptural, Christian congregation led him to fiery debates with the most influential leaders of his day. A curious mix of the noble and ignoble, Francis Johnson was a man of contradictions. Johnson’s own journey from radical Puritan to fervent Separatists, and finally rediscovery of the importance of reconnecting with the larger Christian tradition is one that vitally speaks to our current pluralistic context.