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Lee Canipe

Lee Canipe (Ph.D., Baylor University) the pastor of Murfreesboro Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, North Carolina. He teaches in the department of religion and philosophy at Chowan University Murfreesboro, North Carolina.

Books by Lee Canipe

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Baptist Democracy, A: Separating God and Caesar in the Land of the Free
By author: Lee Canipe
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ISBN: 9780881462395
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In this book, Canipe traces the rise of Baptist democracy as reflected in the work of three prominent leaders who made significant contributions to Baptist life between 1900 and 1925. Celebrating the harmony between the principles of their church and the ideals of their state, these three Baptists eloquently articulated what, by the turn of the twentieth-century, had become an article of faith for many of their fellow Baptists: What American democracy is to worldly government, Baptist principles are to religion—God’s chosen way for humanity.