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Terry Kay

Terry Kay, a member of the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame, is the author of sixteen published works, including TO DANCE WITH THE WHITE DOG, THE BOOK OF MARIE, THE GREATS OF CUTTERCANE, SHADOW SONG, THE RUNAWAY, THE YEAR THE LIGHTS CAM ON, and a recent book for young readers, THE SEVENTH MIRROR. Learn more about this award-winning writer at

Books by Terry Kay

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Song of the Vagabond Bird
By author: Terry Kay, Terry Kay
Product Code: H888
ISBN: 9780881464818
Product Format: Hardback
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When he arrives on Neal's Island to begin ten days of intensive group therapy to treat his obsession for a woman he cannot forget, he brings with him the pseudonym of Bloodworth. Vastly different as individuals, yet suffering the same crippling malady of obsession, five men are not prepared for the antics of Dr. Carson X. Willingham. He is maverick and madman, a brilliant investigator of his subjects, a mesmerizing performer, and either a genius or a charlatan with a rare gift of persuasion. Willingham is also a man with his own demons, caused by his own history of obsession. It is in this environment that Bloodworth finds himself faced with the delicate question of honesty as he tries to free the memory of his Kalee, and begin his new journey into the uncertainty of what might be. This book also available in e-book format through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.
The Book of Marie
By author: Terry Kay, Terry Kay
Product Code: P511
ISBN: 9780881465532
Product Format: Paperback / softback
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In spring 1962, a young black girl named Etta Hemsley is killed at a civil rights demonstration on a university campus in Atlanta. The next day, the home of Jovita Curry, a black woman in Overton, Georgia, is burned. Both events are etched into the memory of Cole Bishop and eerily play out the predictions of a former classmate named Marie Fitzpatrick. Both Cole and Marie are high school seniors when they first meet in fall 1954. Cole, like his classmates, is a native-born Southerner influenced by the traditions of segregation as a way of life. Marie is a recent transplant from Washington, DC, a brilliant and assertive nonconformist with bold predictions about a new world that is about to be ushered in by the force of desegregation. Included in her prophecy is a warning for Cole that will cause him to leave the South to live and teach in Vermont. The odd friendship between the two of them continues after high school in a series of tender and revealing letters. THE BOOK OF MARIE is the story of a generation—whites and blacks—who ignited the war of change. Yet, it is also as much about the power of place— the finding of home—as it is about the history of events.
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