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Elements : The Novels of James Dickey
By author: Casey Clabough
Product Code: H558
ISBN: 9780865547438
Product Format: Hardback
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Elements: The Novels of James Dickey draws upon previously undiscussed manuscripts and notes to articulate Dickey's fictional vision as it appears in his three published novels, while also examining his early unpublished fiction and post- Deliverance screenplays. The book's thesis follows Dickey's philosophical and verbal theory for his published fiction (the practice of merging), illustrating the multifaceted and layered manner in which it functions, encompassing protagonist and environment and reader and text.
Experimentation And Versatility : The Early Novels And Short Fiction Of Fred Chappell
By author: Casey Clabough
Product Code: H681
ISBN: 9780865549456
Product Format: Hardback
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Experimentation and Versatility considers Chappell’s first four novels and his short fiction—the novels chronologically and the short stories thematically—in order to demonstrate the unique range and importance of his fictional prose.