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John I Durham

John I Durham taught biblical languages and Classical Latin, with primary emphasis on Old Testament Theology. For some fifty years, however, he has been looking at pictures and paintings in collections around the world. His passion for the works of Rembrandt was born and nurtured in that delightful avocation.

Books by John I Durham

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The Biblical Rembrandt : Human Painter in a Landscape of Faith
By author: John I Durham
Product Code: H658
ISBN: 9780865548862
Product Format: Hardback
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The Biblical Rembrandt presents Rembrandt in the context of his faith. That faith can be studied only by an intense look at his paintings, etchings, and drawings depicting biblical persons, scenes, and moments. About Rembrandt’s life, we know very little that is certain, but he has left us abundant testimony of his sensitive reading of the Bible.