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Frederick W. Huff

Frederick Huff, a native Georgian and graduate of Emory, Vanderbilt, and the University of Georgia, has been since 1969 a psychologist in private practice in Cobb County, Georgia. He has, he confesses, a lifelong interest in how things work, especially people, families, and communities. After his uncle's death, Dr. Huff discovered the wartime correspondence of his mother's brother, and with those letters and other memorabilia put together this story that reveals much of how people, families, and communities do work–sometimes, even, together for good.

Books by Frederick W. Huff

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Liberator Bomber : The Correspondence of Lieutenant Eugene T. Winn of the 446th Bomber Group, 1942-1945
By author: Frederick W. Huff
Product Code: H650
ISBN: 9780865548749
Product Format: Hardback
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United States Army Air Corps Lieutenant Eugene T. Winn wrote home to his father regularly, from before his enlistment in May 1942 until his discharge in September 1945. Lt. Winn did not want to be in the Army, and like many young men of his day saw aviation as preferable.