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Jason K. Lee

Jason K. Lee (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen) was assistant professor of Church History at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is now associate pastor of Theology/Discipleship at Broadmoor Baptist in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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The Theology of John Smyth : Puritan, Separatist, Baptist, Mennonite
By author: Jason K. Lee
Product Code: H572
ISBN: 9780865547605
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The first English Baptist, John Smyth created controversy with his radical thought and actions. During his writing career of only ten years, Smyth successively produced works of Puritan, Separatist, Baptist, and Mennonite thought. While the historical facts about Smyth are important, they should be coupled with his theology, which motivated his actions. Jason K. Lee is the first scholar to investigate Smyth’s theology in this context.