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Dwight A. Moody

DWIGHT A. MOODY, PH.D., is a columnist whose reflections on religion and American life have been published in local, regional and national papers and journals. Moody serves as dean of the chapel at Georgetown College in Kentucky, and is the creator and founding director of the Meetinghouse at Georgetown College, a place for the theological exploration of vocation. This is his third book.

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On the Other Side of Oddville
By author: Dwight A. Moody
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ISBN: 9780865549913
Product Format: Paperback
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With a compelling mixture of humor and insight, Moody offers his reflections on religion and American life. Standing at the intersection of the public and the private, and speaking with authentic faith unfettered by fear, Moody offers words of clarity and compassion about some of the more troublesome issues of our time. Moody describes candidly the joys and sorrows that have come his way and how the simple gifts of faith, hope, and love have served as sources of both endurance and delight.