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Russell K. Brown

Russell K. Brown is a retired army officer who writes and speaks on military and local history and genealogy. He holds a doctorate in US history. He has written four books of history, three of them on Georgia in the Civil War. Brown has also worked at a nuclear power plant and has been an undergraduate and graduate college instructor.

Books by Russell K. Brown

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Our Connection With Savannah: History Of The 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters, 1862–1865
By author: Russell K. Brown
Product Code: H673
ISBN: 9780865549166
Product Format: Hardback
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This book objectively examines the organization, leadership, and performance of the 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters, follows their wartime experiences, and devotes considerable attention to the individual soldiers. From the outset, the sharpshooters had problems. Despite its uncertain beginning, the battalion was molded into a fine unit by the skill and energy of its officers and noncommissioned officers.
To The Manner Born : The Life Of General William H. T. Walker
By author: Russell K. Brown
Product Code: P295
ISBN: 9780865549449
Product Format: Paperback
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This book is the first full-length objective study of Confederate general W. H. T. Walker. Drawing on personal papers, official documents, and eyewitness accounts, Brown has written a biography of a Confederate general who also fought in the Seminole and Mexican wars, and who could be concerned with family decorum issues at home one moment and the next with battlefield strategies. Walker was a complex individual who was killed during the Atlanta campaign of 1864.