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Roger Sharpe

Roger Sharpe, a former state senator and lobbyist to the White House for 95,000 elected school board members and the interests of the nation’s school children, grew up on a tobacco farm near Winston-Salem. Besides his doctoral work at Harvard, he studied Christian ethics at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He also has been a Frank Knox Fellow at Oxford, Visiting Fellow at Sewanee, National IEL Fellow, and Guthrie Scholar at Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur. When writing at home, he serves as volunteer springs-keeper of a Japanese maple tree garden at Sandy Springs, Harmony, North Carolina.

Books by Roger Sharpe

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Ceremony Of Innocence : A Memoir
By author: Roger Sharpe
Product Code: P290
ISBN: 9780865549340
Product Format: Paperback
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Ceremony of Innocence addresses what society owes its youngest generation, especially with respect to a humanities education, i.e. an education for freedom. Roger Sharpe expresses a genuine and well-informed concern for the influence of political and religious extremists’ attacks on public education, its consequences for children of poor and working class families, and long-term implications for democratic government.