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Bernard Patrick Donnelly

Bernard Patrick (Brian) Donnelly took his B.D. (cum laude) at Pontifical University (Ireland) and his M.A. in Philosophy (with distinction) and Ph.D. at the University of Ulster. He is priest of the Diocese of Derry, Ireland, Long Tower Parish, Derry City.

Books by Bernard Patrick Donnelly

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The Socialist Emigre : Marxism and the Later Tillich
By author: Bernard Patrick Donnelly
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ISBN: 9780865548916
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In the Socialist Emigre, Brian Donnelly deals with the philosophical foundations of Tillich’s theology, specifically the important thread of Marxism, and argues that Tillich’s later and highly acclaimed theology cannot be divorced from his earlier Marxist views. This makes for a seminal work which examines Tillich in a new and critical light and furthers the debate as to the structure of his philosophical theology and the nature of his eclectic thought. This unique study features Tillich’s boundary thought regarding Marxism and religion, faith and culture, history and supernaturalism, and emphasizes Tillich the philosopher rather then Tillich the theologian.