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William DiPuccio earned his M.A. in Theological Dtudies at Wheaton Graduate School and his Ph.D. in Religious Studies at Marquette University. He has taught at both Wheaton College and Mount Union College.

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The Interior Sense of Scripture : The Sacred Hermeneutics of John W. Nevin
By author: Dipuccio
Product Code: P167
ISBN: 9780865545687
Product Format: Paperback
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John Williamson Nevin (1803-1886) was, with Philip Schaff and others, a progenitor of the "Mercersburg Theology." Nevin's transcendental hermeneutics is one of the most penetration and sophisticated theological systems to emerge from American soil. In The Interior Sense of Scripture, William DiPuccio unfolds for the first time Nevin's vision of a biblical hermeneutic based on the centrality of the Incarnation. In part I, DiPuccio explores Nevin's hermeneutics of a new creation and that Eucharist. In part II he presents Nevin's critique of American culture in light of his hermeneutical conclusions. More than a century has passed since he spoke, yet nevin's polemic against materialism, religious skepticism, individualism, and secarianism retains its creative force and insight.