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Robert Davis, Jr.

Robert S. Davis, Jr. is an independent scholar and author of more than thirty books about Georgia's history. In his introduction, he gives us valuable information about Sallie's life while also placing Sallie's story in historical context. Davis has produced a book that will be welcomed by scholars for its accuracy and by general readers for its exciting story.

Books by Robert Davis, Jr.

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Requiem For a Lost City: A Memoir of Civil War Atlanta and the Old South
Edited by: Robert Davis Jr.
Product Code: H466
ISBN: 9780865546226
Product Format: Hardback
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Through novels such as Gone with the Wind, the story of the fall and destruction of Atlanta has joined myths of other lost cities such as Atlantis, Troy, and Jericho. Sallie Clayton's memoirs show us the reality of Civil War Atlanta from Secession to the memorials to the fallen, many years after the war. Sallie was a member of one of Georgia's wealthiest and most prominent families. Her memoirs detail the losses her family suffered. Moreover, Sallie seems to have been in all the wrong places throughout the war. From her we have a first-hand account of war-torn Atlanta, plantation life during the war, the opening shots of the battle for Chattanooga, and of postwar riots in Augusta and Athens.