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Lewis Nicholas Wynne

Lewis Nichols Wynne completed doctoral studies in history at the University of Georgia. He has taught at Southern Technicl Institute, the University of South Alabama, and the University of South Flordia. In 1982 the Atlanta Historical Society presented its Alex Bealer Award to Dr. Wynne for excellence in historical writing.

Books by Lewis Nicholas Wynne

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Continuity of Cotton, The: Planter Politics in Georgia, 1865-1892
By author: Lewis Nicholas Wynne
Product Code: H194
ISBN: 9780865542150
Product Format: Hardback
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In the Continuity of Cotton Lewis Nicholas Wynne traces the twisted history of Georgia politics from 1865 to 1892, combining careful analysis and judicious interpretation with a closely constructed argument and a lively narrative to make a convincing case about the continuity of planter domination of Georgia politics after the Civial War.