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James M. Dawsey

James M. Dawsey is the Wolfe Chair and a professor of Religious Studies at Emory & Henry College, Virginia. He is the author of several works of theology and history including The Lukan Voice (Mercer University Press); From Wasteland to Promised Land (Shepheard-Walwyn and Orbis Books); The Confederados (University of Alabama Press); and more than seventy other monographs and articles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. A theological novel, Masters and Savages, was published by Mercer University Press in 2009. Dawsey is an ordained minister in the South Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Books by James M. Dawsey

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Peter’s Last Sermon: Identity and Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark
By author: James M. Dawsey
Product Code: P417
ISBN: 9780881462241
Product Format: Paperback
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What Christian would not want to hear Mark’s gospel as the first believers heard it? Using the tools of modern scholarship, Peter’s Last Sermon takes seriously Mark’s audience. The community would have heard rather than read the gospel. It would have encountered the story as a whole instead of piecemeal in short texts for sermons. Missing would have been the static of Matthew, Luke, and John.