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L. Lamar Nisly

L. Lamar Nisly (Ph.D. University of Delaware) is currently professor of English and chair of the English and Language department at Bluffton University (Ohio), where he has taught for thirteen years. Besides numerous academic and popular articles, he published Impossible to Say: Representing Religious Mystery in Fiction by Malamud, Percy, Ozick, and O’Connor.

Books by L. Lamar Nisly

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Wingless Chickens, Bayou Catholics, and Pilgrim Wayfarers: Constructions of Audience and Tone in O’Connor, Gautreaux, and Percy
By author: L. Lamar Nisly
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ISBN: 9780881462142
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Flannery O’Connor, Tim Gautreaux, and Walker Percy, are all Catholic writers from the South—and seem to embody very fully both parts of that label. Yet as quickly becomes clear in their writing, their fiction employs markedly different tones and modes of addressing their audience. Why do texts by three writers who each embrace their Southern locale and their Catholic beliefs seem to have so little in common? Nisly helps readers understand these authors’ fiction by examining the role that place and time had in shaping each author’s idea of an audience—and, by extension, his or her manner of addressing that audience.