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Dr. David P Gushee

David P. Gushee is Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University. He is the author or editor of eleven books.

Books by Dr. David P Gushee

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Religious Faith, Torture, and Our National Soul
Edited by: Dr. David P Gushee, J. Drew Zimmer, Jillian Hickman Zimmer
Product Code: P411
ISBN: 9780881462036
Product Format: Paperback
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This collection of essays suggests that American counterterrorism policies in the Bush years were immoral, unwise, and un-American, and offers considerable detailed analysis to back up such claims. Several dozen specialists in various aspects of law, ethics, politics, and religion analyze both how our nation drifted into such egregious policies and what resources can be drawn upon to pull us out of them, once and for all.