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Jacob J. Podber

JACOB J. PODBER is assistant professor in the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He has published articles in Global Media Journal and Journal of Radio Studies, as well as a chapter in Global Media Studies: Ethnographic Perspective. Dr. Podber has won several awards, including the Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award from the Broadcast Education Association and the Carl A. Ross Paper of the Year Award from the Appalachian Studies Association.

Books by Jacob J. Podber

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The Electronic Front Porch : An Oral History of the Arrival of Modern Media in Rural Appalachia and the Melungeon Community
By author: Jacob J. Podber
Product Code: H745
ISBN: 9780881460896
Product Format: Hardback
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The Electronic Front Porch examines the arrival of radio and television in Appalachia, and the Internet's role in the Melungeon community. It contributes to a variety of disciplines, including media, Appalachian, and popular culture studies, in addition to oral, Southern, and American history.