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Al Stramiello

AL STRAMIELLO, ED.D., professor of Teacher Education, Tift College of Education, Mercer, has thirty years of highly successful experience in teacher education. His experiences in the theoretical foundation of teaching combined with a practical hands-on approach have inspired future educators at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Books by Al Stramiello

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Sometimes I Did All I Could Do: Authentic Remembrances of Teaching
By author: Al Stramiello, Margaret Morris, Jerry Worley
Product Code: P383
ISBN: 9780881461374
Product Format: Paperback
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The authenticity of being human, paradoxical remembrances, and realms of wellness are some of the themes explored in this cutting-edge, down-to-earth repertoire of essays. Teachers share vivid memories that reflect happenings that began in good faith but, from a human perspective, failed to meet expectations.
A Joyful Passion for Teaching
By author: Al Stramiello   Edited by: Mary Willingham, Carl A. Martray
Product Code: P344
ISBN: 9780865549975
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Dedication, compassion, and commitment are common threads that weave their way through the pages of A Joyful Passion for Teaching. This compelling series of essays represents a wide array of teaching experiences and backgrounds of teachers in the trenches. The question of "Why does one teach" is explored in a heartfelt and meaningful way by each of the authors.