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Bruce H. Stewart, Jr.

BRUCE STEWART currently serves on the executive committee of the Civil War Round Table of Atlanta and is a member of the Patrick Cleburne Society. He is both a trustee and Civil War tour guide of the Historic Oakland Foundation, which is dedicated to the preservation of Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. He has appeared before the Sons of Confederate Veterans and has been a guest lecturer at Emory University, speaking on the Atlanta Campaign as well as on General Cleburne.

Books by Bruce H. Stewart, Jr.

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Invisible Hero: Patrick R. Cleburne
By artist: Bruce H. Stewart, Jr.
Product Code: H756
ISBN: 9780881461084
Product Format: Hardback
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Invisible Hero: Patrick R. Cleburne presents a level of detail that is unsurpassed in the study of this significant figure, focusing on the military and political aspects of his service while avoiding the social or personal sidelights found in a general biography. Battles and movements are explained in an objective light, exposing his triumphs as well as his failures, his assets as well as his shortcomings. The result has been an analysis of a man unappreciated by his own government, yet widely regarded as the finest infantry officer in the Western Theatre.