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Subjectivity and Religious Truth in the Philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard
By author: Merigala Gabriel
Product Code: P398
ISBN: 9780881461701
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Pages: 198
Product Format: Paperback
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Price:  $30.00
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Merigala Gabriel’s main objective is to thoroughly examine subjective truth, which is the core concept in Kierkegaard’s philosophy. Here Gabriel contrasts subjective truth with objective truth in order to highlight the significance of subjective truth in its religious context and to bring out the inadequacy of objective truth.
The Biblical Kierkegaard : Reading by the Rule of Faith
By author: Timothy Polk
Product Code: P157
ISBN: 9780865545397
Pages: 232
Product Format: Paperback
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Price:  $21.95
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Placing Kierkegaard firmly within the Augustinian tradition of reading Scripture according to the Rules of faith and love, Polk brings Kierkegaard’s biblical hermeneutics into conversation with current postliberal narrative theology, speech-act theory, canon-contextual criticism, reader-response criticism, feminist theology, and political theology.
The Concept of Anxiety in Søren Kierkegaard
By author: Arne Gron   Translated by: Sinead Ladegaard Knox
Product Code: H769
ISBN: 9780881461268
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Pages: 192
Product Format: Hardback
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Price:  $30.00
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From the preface: “The Concept of Anxiety is one of Kierkegaard’s major works. It summarizes and anticipates themes that are developed in his other works, but not by presenting a unified perception. It has more the character of a work that constitutes a turning point: themes from earlier works (in particular Either/Or) are pursued in a broken way that gives a new starting point for later works. Even though The Concept of Anxiety is often an unreasonably difficult book, it is worthwhile to read as a gateway to the entire works of Kierkegaard.
The Divine Madness of Romantic Ideals: A Reader’s Companion for Kierkegaard’s Stages on Life’s Way
By author: Kevin Hoffman
Product Code: P492
ISBN: 9780881464993
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $35.00
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Kierkegaard's writings are severely complicated and readers often do not know what to make of them given the array of genres he deploys. He is at once a philosopher, theologian, literary critic, and poet in his own right who writes under multiple pseudonyms directed at an unsure audience. Stages on Life's Way is one of his longer and more elusive texts, and even scholars often shy away from it. The Divine Madness of Romantic Ideals offers a close and extensive reading of this puzzling production, showing how its disarming, concrete themes of personal love and marriage help unlock more abstract conceptual boxes within Kierkegaard's authorship for a general readership, pointing out the forest while paying scrupulous attention to the trees.

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