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Mormonism in Dialogue with Contemporary Christian Theologies
By author: Donald Musser, David Paulsen
Product Code: P378
ISBN: 9780881461169
Pages: 576
Product Format: Paperback
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Price:  $35.00
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This volume brings together, for the first time, a broad range of scholars from Mormon and other Christian traditions. Replacing polemics and apologetics with dialogue, these exchanges show how the full spectrum of contemporary theologies can be informed by uniquely Mormon ideas, and correlatively, how Mormon thought can be illuminated through the study of key ideas of the foremost theologians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
Paul Tillich And Psychology : Historic And Contemporary Explorations in Theology, Psychotherapy, And Ethics
By author: Terry D. Cooper
Product Code: P330
ISBN: 9780865549937
Pages: 222
Product Format: Paperback
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Price:  $30.00
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Paul Tillich, more than any other theologian of the twentieth century, maintained an energetic dialogue with psychology, and especially psychotherapy. Perhaps the greatest contribution this book offers is a careful narra-tive and analysis of the meetings of the New York Psychology Group, which involved such figures as Tillich, Fromm, May, Rogers, Seward Hiltner, Ruth Benedict, and David Roberts, and others.
Questioning Psychological Health and Well-Being: Historical and Contemporary Dialogues
By author: Britt-Mari Sykes
Product Code: P399
ISBN: 9780881461718
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Pages: 170
Product Format: Paperback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $32.00
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In this illuminating study Sykes explores the meaning of psychological health and well-being. She examines three historical illustrations of interdisciplinary dialogue between theologians and psychologists that took place in the United States from 1940 to 1960 and two contemporary theoretical voices—critical psychology and existential analysis—within the discipline of psychology.
The Bishop of the Old South : The Ministry And Civil War Legacy of Leonidas Polk
By author: Glenn Robins
Product Code: H660
ISBN: 9780881460384
Pages: 243
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $35.00
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In this book, a considerable amount of new information on Leonidas Polk’s family, his time at West Point, his Episcopal ministry, his life as a planter (with more than 200 slaves), his role with Sewanee, his Civil War service, and his place within the pantheon of Lost Cause icons has been brought to light.
The Crucifixion of the Jews: The Failure of Christians to Understand the Jewish Experience
By author: Frank H. Littell
Product Code: P031
ISBN: 9780865542273
Pages: 153
Product Format: Paperback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $25.00
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“Prophetic in the sense that it warns of the consequences of the failure to acknowledge, repent of, and make restitution for sin, Littell’s book confronts Christendom with its massive betrayal of the Jewish people when the Holocaust came upon them and of its continuing unwillingness to admit betrayal. The multifarious anti-Semitism that led both to the Holocaust and to the churches’ response to it is traced to an ancient but persistent error in Christian thought: the flight from history—the tendency to speculate, ‘spiritualize,’ and systematize rather than to remember, recapitulate, reenact, and receive grace and truth from a real tradition of historical events….The healing and restorative potentialities of this book make it deserving of the widest possible circulation.” --Library Journal

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