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A Journey of Faith and Community: The Story of the First Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia
By author: Bruce T. Gourley
Product Code: H937
ISBN: 9780881466133
Publisher: with BH&H
Product Format: Hardback
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Price:  $35.00
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Established amid adversity in 1817, the First Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia, ranks among the most important congregations in Southern history for having birthed the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845. A JOURNEY OF FAITH AND COMMUNITY offers new insight into the surprising role First Baptist Church of Augusta played in the formation of the South’s now-largest denomination. Yet in a manner unusual for Baptist churches of the Deep South and in part reflective of the ethos of Augusta, the First Baptist congregation maintained significant relationships with Northern (American) Baptists into the twentieth century. Exemplifying the progressively conservative nature and rapid growth of early to mid-twentieth century urban Southern Baptist life, the church in the decades following dissented from a theologically-calcifying SBC by ordaining women to ministry, welcoming holistic ministry and missions, and transitioning into primarily a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.
And Half the Seed of Europe: A Genealogy of the Great War, 1914–1918
By author: Christopher Blake
Product Code: H945
ISBN: 9780881466355
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $25.00
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The First World War, or Great War as it became known, was ravaging the human family one century ago, changing forever the nature of military combat and restructuring the twentieth century in a way that was unimaginable before its course. With more than 35 million casualties, the Great War ranks among the deadliest conflicts in all history. While the Great War was hoped to be the War to End All Wars, it instead launched a series of geo-political struggles that defined the future century, and in the shadow of which we still live today. By the end of the War all the major combatants--including the United States--were engulfed in its flames and hostage to its fortunes. But the war was also very personal, shaping the lives of those who went to war, their loved ones, their families, and their future. That story of family is rarely examined in terms of the impact of the Great War.
Baptists in Early North America–First Baptist Church, Boston, Massachusetts, Volume IV
Edited by: Thomas R. McKibbens   Series edited by: William H. Brackney
Product Code: H946
ISBN: 9780881466362
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $60.00
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For the first time in more than three and a half centuries, the carefully preserved records of the First Baptist Church of Boston, Massachusetts, have been transcribed and are now published. They reveal the extraordinary faith of the original founders, the suffering they endured, and the commitment of the nine original members and their successors to persevere through the storm and finally to be recognized as one of the leading churches in Boston and ultimately the nation.
Carved in Stone : The History of Stone Mountain
By author: David B. Freeman
Product Code: H418
ISBN: 9780865545472
Pages: 200
Product Format: Hardback
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Price:  $32.95
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David Freeman's Carved in Stone narrates the development of Stone Mountain from natural wonder to historic site to recreational park. This elegantly written story recounts the fits and starts of the Stone Mountain project, tracing the mountain's changing meaning over time.
Combat Chaplain: The Life and Civil War Experiences of Rev. James H. McNeilly
By author: M. Todd Cathey
Product Code: H947
ISBN: 9780881466379
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $35.00
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Born 9 June 1838, James H. McNeilly grew up near Charlotte in Dickson County, Tennessee. At age thirteen, McNeilly was sworn in as deputy circuit court clerk of Dickson County. Raised in a devout Presbyterian home, he received his undergraduate degree from Jackson College in Columbia, Tennessee. Just as the Civil War broke out, he had earned his Doctor of Divinity from Danville Theological Seminary at Danville, Kentucky. As McNeilly returned home to Dickson County, in the summer of 1861, he preached on Sunday and recruited troops for the Confederacy during the week. In October 1861, McNeilly traveled to nearby Fort Donelson, where he offered his services to the South.

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