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Southern Studies

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A Southern Woman’s Guide to Herbs
By author: Jaclyn Weldon White, Jaclyn Weldon White
Product Code: P472
ISBN: 9780881464603
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Product Format: Paperback
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Price:  $20.00
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In A SOUTHERN WOMAN'S GUIDE TO HERBS, Jaclyn Weldon White takes a break from penning stories of murder and mayhem to share her love and knowledge of growing and using herbs, the helpful plants. In a manner as informal as a neighborly chat, White explores designing herb gardens to suit the reader and gives common sense tips on planting and caring for them. In later chapters, she concentrates on preserving herbs for year-round use and shares some of her favorite recipes, covering everything from cocktails to desserts. The shrimp and herb pasta for two is perfect for a romantic evening while the lavender cookies with their pastel icing will have the kids begging for more.
Buttermilk and Bible Burgers: More Stories from the Kitchens of Appalachia
By author: Fred W. Sauceman
Product Code: P481
ISBN: 9780881464795
Pages: 220
Product Format: Paperback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $21.00
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In his latest collection of writings about the foodways of the Appalachian region, Fred W. Sauceman guides readers through country kitchens and church fellowship halls, across pasture fields and into smokehouses, down rows of vegetable gardens at the peak of the season and alongside ponds resonant with the sounds of a summer night. The scenes and subjects are oftentimes uniquely personal, and they combine to tell a love story, a chronicle of one person’s affection for a region and its people, its products, and its places. BUTTERMILK AND BIBLE BURGERS is most of all an expression of gratitude for the persistence of the people who feed us.
Capricorn Rising: Conversations in Southern Rock
By author: Michael Buffalo Smith   Foreword by: Willie Perkins
Product Code: P534
ISBN: 9780881465785
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $24.00
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CAPRICORN RISING: CONVERSATIONS IN SOUTHERN ROCK is a collection of interviews with many of the stars, producers, and associates of the 1970s Southern record label, Capricorn, which was founded in the heart of Macon, Georgia in 1969. Author Michael Buffalo Smith collects word for word, the complete interviews with Capricorn artists including Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts, George McCorkle, Bonnie Bramlett, Paul Hornsby, Johnny Sandlin, Chuck Leavell, and many others, providing a glimpse into the early 70s when Southern Rock was born in Macon.
Career in Crisis : Paul
By author: John David Briley
Product Code: H719
ISBN: 9780881460254
Pages: 322
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $29.95
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This book examines why Coach Paul W. “Bear” Bryant and the University of Alabama football team waned in the late 1960s and how was it revived in the 1970s amid the social and political changes of the Civil Rights Movement.
Carved in Stone : The History of Stone Mountain
By author: David B. Freeman
Product Code: H418
ISBN: 9780865545472
Pages: 200
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: Not currently available.(Backorder policy)
Price:  $32.95
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David Freeman's Carved in Stone narrates the development of Stone Mountain from natural wonder to historic site to recreational park. This elegantly written story recounts the fits and starts of the Stone Mountain project, tracing the mountain's changing meaning over time.

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