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Civil War

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Ghosts And Shadows of Andersonville : Essays on the Secret Social Histories of America's Deadliest Prison
By author: Robert S. Davis
Product Code: H703
ISBN: 9780881460124
Pages: 310
Product Format: Hardback
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The name Andersonville, from the American Civil War to the present, has come to be synonimous with “American death camp.” While a work of deep introspection and high adventure, this new, critical book also corrects myths, misunderstandings, and major mistakes that have appeared in print and popular history.
Gone With the Wind : The Three Day Premiere in Atlanta
By author: Herb Bridges
Product Code: P431
ISBN: 9780881462456
Pages: 219
Product Format: Paperback
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Price:  $30.00
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Gone With the Wind is one of the most beloved novels and movies of all time. Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel has sold millions of copies world-wide and has been translated into numerous languages. This photographic essay contains photographs of the stars, of Atlanta before, during, and after the premiere event, and of the citizens of the city who turned out not just for the movie but for receptions, the premiere ball, and other events. From movie stars to horse-drawn carriages, from a transformed theater to Gone With the Wind merchandise, this is the book that takes you back to an event often neglected in the Gone With the Wind story.
By author: William Harris Bragg
Product Code: P396
ISBN: 9780881461688
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Pages: 189
Product Format: Paperback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $30.00
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A tiny but valuable component of the South’s military industrial complex, Griswoldville became a target of union forces in 1864. After a glancing blow by Stoneman’s Raiders in late summer, the town was obliterated during Sherman’s infamous march to the sea. Based on primary sources, Griswoldville charts the rise of Connecticut Yankee Samuel Griswold from tinware peddler to industrial magnate and details the history of Griswoldville from its creation to its destruction.
In His Own Words: Houston Hartsfield Holloway’s Slavery, Emancipation, and Ministry in Georgia
By author: Houston Hartsfield Holloway   Edited by: David E. Paterson
Product Code: H909
ISBN: 9780881465457
Product Format: Book
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $35.00
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Houston Hartsfield Holloway (1844–1917) was born enslaved in upcountry Georgia, taught himself to read and write, learned the blacksmith trade, was emancipated by Union victory in 1865, and served as an ordained traveling preacher in the African Methodist Episcopal Church from 1870 to 1883. He devoted the remainder of his life to his family, his blacksmith trade, and his local church. Holloway’s 24,000-word autobiography offers a rare working-class perspective on life during some of the most transformative years of US history. Footnotes provide supplementary biographical information for nearly two hundred relatives, neighbors, friends, and coworkers named in Holloway’s narrative. An appendix includes nineteen extended biographical sketches. The book is illustrated with photographs and three detailed maps of Holloway’s home neighborhoods and preaching assignments.
In the Land of the Living: Wartime Letters by Confederates from the Chattahoochee Valley of Alabama and Georgia
Edited by: Ray Mathis   With: Douglas Clare Purcell
Product Code: H901
ISBN: 9780881465242
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $35.00
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This unique book, originally published in a limited edition in 1982 and out of print for many years, is the most comprehensive collection of Civil War letters written by residents of Southeastern Alabama and Southwestern Georgia to be published. Poignant in emotion, informative in detail, and broad in scope, the correspondence contained here provides us with a unique opportunity to understand the Civil War and its effect on individuals and families from an intensely personal perspective. The writers, the great majority of them unlettered and expressing themselves in a disarmingly honest manner in their heartfelt missives, collectively paint a compelling portrait of a watershed moment in national history from a regional viewpoint. They make well-known events tangible and lesser-known sidebars illuminating.

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