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Civil War

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Forward My Brave Boys!: A History of the 11th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry CSA, 1861-1865
By author: M. Todd Cathey, Gary W. Waddey
Product Code: H908
ISBN: 9780881465440
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Product Format: Hardback
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Price:  $35.00
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“Forward My Brave Boys!” tells the story of the 11th Tennessee Infantry, a unit comprised of ten companies of men raised from five Middle Tennessee counties in the early spring of 1861. Join these soldiers as they are transformed from raw citizens into a ferocious band of fighters, eventually becoming part of General Benjamin F. Cheatham’s hard-hitting division. This book takes the reader into their camps, on the march, and onto the line of battle through first-hand accounts taken from diaries, letters, and journals. Many never-before-published photographs of the soldiers, newly created battle maps, as well as an extensive biographical roster make this a valuable resource for historians and genealogists, and a great addition to the story of the Army of Tennessee and the war in the West.
Furl That Banner : The Life of Abram J. Ryan, Poet-Priest of the South
By author: David O'Connell
Product Code: H707
ISBN: 9780881460353
Pages: 251
Product Format: Hardback
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Price:  $35.00
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A biography of poet, priest, and newspaper editor Abram J. Ryan, who popularized the term “Lost Cause.” He was a famous for his book Father Ryan’s Poems (later called Poems, Patriotic, Religious and Miscellaneous). The two most important poems were “The Conquered Banner” (1865) and “The Sword of Robert Lee” (1866). Ryan was the editor of the Banner of the South and later the Morning Star and Catholic Messenger (1872-1875).
Georgia Sharpshooter : The Civil War Diary and Letters of William Rhadamanthus Montgomery 1839-1906
By author: Montgomery
Product Code: P168
ISBN: 9780865545724
Pages: 122
Product Format: Paperback
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Price:  $25.00
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William Rhadamanthus Montgomery (1839-1906) was present at some of the most memorable battles of the Civil War. The diary and the letters contained herein are a testament to his time as a soldier during the Civil War. But as the diary and letters indicate, the war was not the end all of his life. His loyalty for the South was surpassed only by his loyalty for and to his family.
Georgia’s Civil War: Conflict on the Home Front
By author: David Williams
Product Code: H942
ISBN: 9780881466317
Product Format: Hardback
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In September 1864, at a gathering in Macon, Georgia, Confederate President Jefferson Davis admitted that two-thirds of his troops were absent, most without leave. Some had opposed secession to begin with. Others came to see the conflict as a “rich man’s war.” But it was hardship and hunger among their families that drew most soldiers back home. For more than a century and a half, historians have often ignored the Confederacy’s home front difficulties, which had so much to do with desertion and defeat. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the Civil War knows that Confederate armies were outnumbered two to one. In a presumptive way, the manpower disparity is usually attributed to the North’s larger population. Lost in that simplistic view is the impact that desertion had on sapping the Confederacy’s fighting strength. And this is but one of the many critical issues historians too often brush aside.
Georgia’s Confederate Monuments: In Honor of a Fallen Nation
By author: Gould B. Hagler Jr.
Product Code: H877
ISBN: 9780881464665
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $45.00
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GEORGIA'S CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS is the product of two decades of work, during which time the author has traveled throughout the state to photograph the memorials to the men and women of the Confederate States of America, to study their inscriptions, and to document information about their construction.

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