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“Going Back the Way They Came”: The Philips Georgia Legion Cavalry Battalion
By author: Richard M. Coffman
Product Code: H800
ISBN: 9780881461879
Pages: 320
Product Format: Hardback
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Price:  $35.00
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The product of more than a decade’s toil, Going Back the Way They Came is a thoroughly researched, comprehensive book that details the organization of the Philips Georgia Legion Cavalry Battalion unit and its combat odyssey. Using letters, diaries, period images, newspaper articles, archives, and other forgotten sites throughout north Georgia, the author tells the story of this battalion. The result is a highly readable book that takes the reader on horseback through several of the major battles in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War.
“I Will Give Them One More Shot:” Ramsey’s 1st Regiment Georgia Volunteers
By author: George Winston Martin
Product Code: H818
ISBN: 9780881462197
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Pages: 418
Product Format: Hardback
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Price:  $45.00
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Beginning with the tumultuous events leading to Georgia's secession from the Union, “I Will Give Them One More Shot” follows the 1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, commanded by Colonel James N. Ramsey, as it travels from its formation at Macon, Georgia, to what happened to the soldiers and officers after they mustered out in March 1862, concluding with the fate of prominent characters and sites. Appendices list the commands under which the 1st Georgia served during major events in its year of service, casualties in the unit, and a roster of the 1,331 men who served with the regiment.
A Confederate Legend: Berry Benson in War and Peace
By author: Edward J. Cashin
Product Code: H764
ISBN: 9780881461183
Pages: 304
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $32.00
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Berry Benson. part poet and part warrior, viewed the Civil War as the supreme adventure. He measured himself against men who seemed to him to personify the chivalric ideals he had read about as a boy, and his own exploits became the stuff of legends. And because he had lived up to his highest ideals during the war, he devoted his post-war career to worthy causes.
A Fit Representation of Pandemonium: East Tennessee Confederate Soldiers in the Campaign for Vicksburg
By author: William D. Taylor
Product Code: H712
ISBN: 9780881460346
Pages: 558
Product Format: Hardback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $40.00
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An account of East Tennesseans fighting to defend Confederate Vicksburg in late 1862 through July 1863. Their service at Vicksburg was primarily as infantrymen, but some participated as cavalry scouts, others as artillerymen. Indeed, it was admitted by many that the mightiest warship on the Mississippi during this period was sunk by the cannon of an East Tennessee battery.
A Hard Trip: A History of the 15th Mississippi Infantry, CSA
By author: Ben Wynne
Product Code: P406
ISBN: 9780881461794
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Pages: 193
Product Format: Paperback
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $25.00
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Not strictly a military history, Ben Wynne examines in this book the social components of Confederate service in the context of the experiences of a single regiment. Using first-person accounts from letters, diaries, memoirs and other primary materials, the book sets the 15th Mississippi in a personal context. The narrative is chronologically arranged by the events of the Western Theater of the Civil War. Emphasizing the real war and not a romanticized version, the story of this unique regiment follows a group of men who entered the war with visions of glory and honor but within one year came to recognize the true nature of the conflict.

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