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Pharris D. Johnson

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By author: Pharris D. Johnson
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ISBN: 9780865546677
Other ISBN: 0865546673
Binding Information: Hardback 
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Price: $35.00
In his introduction to the classic Civil War book Company Aytch, historian Bell I. Wiley makes a pointed observation about soldiers' memoirs, "Most of these have only limited value either as history or literature, but a few stand out as exceptions to the general rule.” Fortunately, as readers learn from the pen of Pvt. Isaac Gordon Bradwell, his stirring narrative provides one such exception. The unforgettable events witnessed by an impressionable young Georgian originally found their way into print, piecemeal fashion, courtesy of the Confederate Veteran magazine. Long buried in the pages of this magazine's volumes, Bradwell's engaging and readable story is finally told in its entirety.

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