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By author: JoAnn Ford Watson
Product Code: H722
ISBN: 9780881460292
Product Format: Hardback
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Publisher: Mercer University Press
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Volume 4 of Dutton’s writings includes her early work The New Birth (1734); her unique pseudonymous work Treatise on Justification (1778); her work on grace A Discourse concerning God’s Action of Adoption (1737); A Discourse on the Inheritance of the Adopted Sons of God (1748); and her theological letters on the marks of a child of God (1761) which offer advice in holiness from the end of her literary career." Anne Dutton’s many writings are significant because they impacted evangelical revival in England (and in the colonies). Particularly significant is her voice as a Baptist writer responding to revival in England and in America. She addressed the issues of free grace, election, justification, and the new birth in Christ.
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