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By author: Greaves
Product Code: P315
ISBN: 9780865549791
Product Format: Paperback
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In this volume a distinguished scholar offers carefully crafted portraits of seven quite different individuals whose integrity and courage challenged the hegemony of the religious establishment in the England of the Stuarts. In exploring the careers of these men, who “display striking differences in political ideals, theological tenets, and ecclesiastical principles,” Richard L. Graves seeks to “illustrate the diversity of the Nonconformist tradition in the seventeenth century and provide a salutary warning against the dangers of oversimplifying its characteristics.” Not only are these men “intrinsically important,” Professor Greaves writes, but “their lives manifest the rich and varied tapestry of Stuart Nonconformity.” They sought “a church conformable to the precepts of Scripture” but their study of the Bible carried them in radically different directions.
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