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By author: Penchansky
Product Code: P115
ISBN: 9780865544628
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The Biblical Theology Movement and its critics together represent a particular expression of a hundred-year-old conflict that defines late modernism. We are at the transition to a new paradigm that may be described as Postmodernism. A postmodern analysis of this historical moment gives unique insight into the present situation, which, while indeed different, is of course rooted in the earlier period. Along the way, David Penchansky proposes, sets forth, and models a new form of biblical criticism-for this historical moment-known as "Ideological Criticism." David Penchansky is assistant professor (Hebrew Bible) at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota. his published works include The Betrayal of God (Westminster/John Knox, 1990) an "Proverbs" in the Mercer Commentary on the Bible (Mercer, 1995)
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