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By author: Craig A. Evans
Product Code: H727
ISBN: 9780881460520
Product Format: Hardback
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From Biblical Criticism to Biblical Faith, prepared in honor of Lee Martin McDonald, offers cutting-edge essays in the three discipline areas of theological education: (1) History and Exegesis, (2) Canon and Theology, and (3) Christian Life and Ministry. Contributors include: Kimlyn J. Bender, William H. Brackney, James H. Charlesworth, James D. G. Dunn, Craig A. Evans, Bruce G. Fawcett, J. Gordon Harris, Christopher Killacky, Helmut Koester, Jody Linkletter, Richard N. Loungenecker, Andrew D. MacRae, Samuel J. Mikolaski, Lionel M Moriah, Stanley E. Porter, James A. Sanders, Allison A. Trites, Robert W. Wall, Roy W. Williams, Jonathan R. Wilson, Robert S. Wilson, R. Glenn Wooden
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