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By author: Casey Clabough
Product Code: H681
ISBN: 9780865549456
Product Format: Hardback
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Experimentation and Versatility considers Chappell's first four novels and his short fiction-the novels chronologically and the short stories thematically-in order to demonstrate the unique range and importance of his fictional prose. Rather than inserting Chappell's fictional variables into a single theoretical formula, Clabough traces and celebrates their various and multifaceted excursions into genres as disparate as Appalachian pastoralism and experimental science fiction. Containing both an interview with Chappell and a previously unpublished short story, Experimentation and Versatility also offers new primary sources on Chappell's work, even as it contextualizes him as one of our most exciting and multi-talented contemporary writers. Investigating the complexities of Chappell's work, Clabough's study offers new ways of considering Chappell, who has been characterized variously as a Appalachian, Southern, and fantasy writer. However, as Clabough demonstrates, he is, in fact, all and none of these things-a writer of immense gifts constantly reinventing himself through his experiments in seemingly disparate genres.
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