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Edited by: Marc A Jolley, Don Haymes   By author: Graydon F. Snyder
Product Code: H739
ISBN: 9780881460803
Product Format: Hardback
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This Festschrift celebrates the life, ministry, and academic career of Edmon Lewin Rowell, Jr. His life has been dedicated to both the church (through numerous churches he has served) and the academy (as an editor for more than twenty-seven years at Mercer University Press). The contributors to this volume are as follows: Don Haymes, John I Durham, Beth Rowell McGinnis, William E. Hull, Robert L. Perkins, Walter B. Shurden, R. Kirby Godsey, Graydon F. Snyder, Charles E. Poole, Bob Setzer, Jr., and Marc A. Jolley. Marc A. Jolley is director of Mercer University Press. Graydon F. Snyder, now retired, was dean and professor of New Testament at Bethany Theological Seminary and Chicago Theological Seminary. Don Haymes is serials librarian and archivist in Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, former editor-in-chief of Mercer University Press, and former editor of Religion Index One. He is not from anywhere near Lower Alabama, but he has heard some about it.
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