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By author: Lyle W. Dorsett
Product Code: P272
ISBN: 9780865548985
Product Format: Paperback
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The most colorful of the tent and tabernacle revivalists, preaching to over 100 million people from 1908 to 1920, Billy Sunday stands as one of the most sig-nificant mass evangelists of the 20th century. Lyle Dorsett makes a fresh and original contribution to our understanding of this pugnacious baseball player-turned- preacher with his use of the Sunday family papers. In this new paperback edition Dorsett provides a new foreword to his classic work on the famed evangelist. "Dorsett makes Billy Sunday come alive as a complex person, not a cardboard caricature. He notes the flaws, but despite all of Sunday's agonies and insecuri-ties, Dorsett likes the man, and the result is a new awareness of the private complexity of a public celebrity." —E. Brooks Holifield Emory University
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